San Diego DUI News

San Diego DUI News



San Diego Has a Huge Problem with DUIs


Even though the city of San Diego has implemented a number of initiatives to cut down on the amount of people driving while under the influence of alcohol and drugs on their roadways this city progress remains elusive.


According to the Quote Wizard insurance organization San Diego is the most dangerous city in the entirety of California when it comes to DUIs. San Diego doesn’t fare all that well nationwide, either, ranking as the seventh most dangerous city in the entirety of the United States behind only Greensboro, Boston, Columbus, Columbia, Boise, and Denver.


The California Highway Patrol is growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of progress made. Working in conjunction with San Diego police officers they have established a number of checkpoints strategically located throughout the city, especially on the weekends and late at night, and while they continue to pull people over and arrest them for DUIs nothing really seems to change.


A representative for the California Highway Patrol, Jacob Sanchez, has gone on the record stating that he isn’t at all surprised that DUI issues continue to be a problem that plagues San Diego. He and his colleagues recognize that San Diego is a beautiful city with gorgeous weather all year round, incredible restaurants and bars as well as a thriving nightlife – all of the ingredients you need to give people plenty of opportunities to drink and then slide behind the wheel of their vehicles.


San Diego and the state of California continue to ratchet up the penalties assessed to drivers that are pulled over, rested, and convicted of driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, too. The average fine for a DUI can sit anywhere between $10,000 and $15,000 (or more, depending on any extra penalties that are assessed) and, your insurance is going to shoot through the roof as well.


It isn’t at all unreasonable for San Diego drivers that have been convicted of a DUI to see an increase of $830 a year on their car insurance, according to Sacramento DUI Attorneys. There aren’t too terribly many people out there that are going to be eager or excited about having to spend almost an extra thousand dollars a year on car insurance just because they had too much to drink before they drove – but people continue to do exactly that daily.


In fact, since the start of 2020 there have been more than 40 arrests made in San Diego at DUI checkpoints alone. Just the other day seven individuals were arrested at a single Mission Bay area San Diego checkpoint, a checkpoint that was only open for about four hours.


This is not out of the norm, either.


Two teenagers were left dead and three other injured as a direct result of a DUI issue in the Mission Valley community of San Diego on that same day that the checkpoint in Mission Bay was producing all of those arrests, according to car accident attorney san diego ca.


San Diego officials and the California State government are going to have to find something else they can do to turn the tide on this issue as it only continues to get worse.